Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love the Face!

I love this face! This is her face over the last week. I think it feels good to her swollen gums. I know she has one tooth on the bottom that is about to break the surface, I am so glad!

Monkeyn' Around!

Madalyn has learned how to climb on everything. Her favorite things to climb on are objects that move. She has managed to get a black eye and two bruises on her forehead in the last week. I think her grandaddy taught her how to climb on objects that move, because she spent the night off and when she got home she was doing that on her toys and then these pictures are my proof. She doesn't care who taught her as long as she can go and do!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good use for the Bouncer!

Madalyn has found a good use for her bouncer seat. She is not a big fan of sitting in it anymore since she has become a busy body. Well tonight she climbed in it and got turned around so she could reach the floor. She thought it was funny until I turned her the right way and she started pouting.

Lost and Found!

My mom kept Madalyn today. When I got there, my mom said that she walked into the kitchen and when she came back she couldn't find Madalyn. (It was only for a second, but she is really fast). Then she heard her- when my mom looked over, she saw that Madalyn was stuck between the bench and the wall. Madalyn didn't care, all she wanted to do was read the books.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun in the Tub!

Madalyn loves taking a bath in her seat that spins. She catches her turtle and crab and eats them. She held the trutle in her mouth the whole time she was in the tub tonight. It was cute! The more I laughed the harder she tried to keep him in her mouth.

Standing Tall!

Madalyn thinks she is so grown. She is pulling up on everything. You can see in the first picture that she tried to let go, but that did not last long. She is so proud of herself, and mommy is too!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Madalyn's Play House!

This is Madalyn's favorite place to play. The only problem is when she sits up she hits her head, and that makes her so mad. She is everywhere and it doesn't seem like she is slowing down.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Always happy!

This was right after bath time tonight. Madalyn is always so happy, even when she is exhausted. I wish I could be like her and always smile!

Lovin' Life!

These are just a few snapshots I took of Madalyn the other day. She got this dog for Easter and she loves it. She just trys to eat the thing!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Drool Monster!

I keep thinking that we are going to start getting teeth, but all we get is more drool! I could fill up a 5 gallon bucket with the amount of drool I clean up everyday. Madalyn doesn't care, she likes to share it with her toys and mommy and daddy.

Easter Celebration!

Happy Easter to all of our blog friends! We had a great day just celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. It is such a special day to be with family and friends in fellowship. We went to Church at the civic center for our big Easter service. It was great as usually. Pastor Ralph talked about different stories that take 3 days. It was very good!

Madalyn is such a trooper. She woke up this morning at about 7:00 and did not stop until 1:15. The ladies in the nursery were glad to see me- they said she was 90 to nothing the whole time! I wanted to tell them that is normal for her.

We went to eat after church and got some pictures of Madalyn, Carli, and Jaci. Jaci wasn't really into sharing the camera so we did the best we could with the three of them. The other 2 pictures are before Church. I couldn't help but to put the first picture of Madalyn on here. She just looks so sweet and peaceful. We went to Sandy's house later to visit and eat with Brad's family. It was a lot of fun, but my camera went dead so I didn't get any pictures.


Jaci had opening ceremonies for T-Ball Saturday and her first game. She is such a little athlete. Madalyn had a good time too! I spent most of the morning trying to occupy her and keep her out of trouble.