Sunday, January 13, 2013

Family Fun in January...

So since we are all feeling better we decided that we would go to the farm and enjoy the 80 degree weather in January.  I can't believe we are dressed in shorts in January but I guess when you live in the south anything goes.  We had a blast at the farm.  Brady would have loved to get a hold of the goats but wasn't sure how.  Madalyn loves being out there and will do whatever. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

9 Months and Cruising...

I can't believe Brady is 9 months old.  Guess I need to start planning his 1st birthday party.  That makes me really sad...he is growing way too fast.

Weight: 19 lbs 1 oz.- 20th percentile
Height- 30 in.- 90th percentile

He has been crawling, pulling up, and walking around things for about 2 months.  He has finally started letting go.  8 steps is the most he has taken, but I know it will not be long now.  Madalyn was walking at 9 1/2 months and it looks like Brady is hanging in there too.

This boy loves to eat.  He is not digging baby food anymore but will eat any table food.  He only has 2 teeth but you would think he has a mouth full.  He is already out eating his sister, but that is not hard to do.  She is not a big fan of much and it has to be her idea to eat it.

We have all been sick...glad the flu has come and gone in our house.  Brady was not feeling well in the bottom 2 pictures but I had to mark the day :).