Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I was brushing Madalyn's hair tonight when we got out of the bath and I couldn't believe how long it has gotten. She loves her long hair, and mommy does to. I am a little sad that it is losing some of its curl but I think it is still beautiful!!

Here is her hair wet, and then the final product :)

New Rooms for the kiddos'...

We are almost finished with Brady's nursery, just a few things to go on the wall and we will be done. I have my dear friend Davina painting canvases to match the 4 patches on his bedding. There is a tricycle, wagon, horse, and rocket. They should be super cute!! My mother-in-law is painting his name. So far it is super cute. I can't wait to see the final product!!

As far as Madalyn goes we decided that since she was starting to climb in and out of her crib, and since I was having a hard time lifting her over the side of it, we would make the plunge to a big girl bed. My goal was to turn her bed into a full size bed. Her goal was something completely different. She wanted nothing, and when I say nothing that is exactly what I mean, to do with the full size bed. So, we just turned her bed into a toddler bed and got new bedding for her. She loves it and is ready for bed before 8:00 every night. We don't normally get to bed by then but it is shortly after! She hasn't gotten out of her bed since we made the change.

Mommy is getting big and uncomfortable, but I know it is all worth it in the end. I am exactly where I was when I was pregnant with Madalyn, but oh my how the pregnancy are completely different. Brady is very forceful with his moves and likes to sit right on my bladder, so everytime I stand up the bathroom is my first stop. At my 28 week checkup I was measuring right on track and Brady was about 1 1/2 pounds (that is an estimate from the Dr.). We are heading into our last 10 weeks and I hope they continue to go by quick. We are ALL (even Madalyn) ready to meet our little man.