Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning Round 2...

Our Christmas continued with Madalyn getting her own Nook (LeapPad), a horse, movies, and lots more. She is loving everything she got.

Christmas Morning...

Christmas morning started around 8:00! Madalyn never sleeps until 8:00 but she decided to Christmas morning. She woke up and asked for 2 things: 1) Turn the T.B. (tv) on. 2) where is Flee? (the elf). Once we explained to her again that Flee wouldn't be back until next year she was okay with that. We finally got her into the living room and she was so excited about everything. She kept going from her Dora tent to her kitchen, and just wasn't sure what present to open first. It was so much fun.

We went to Brad's parents house about 10:00 and started all over again.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

After Madalyn's bath last night, it was time to get our milk and cookies ready for Santa. She had to put on her apron and do everything on her own. She even had to sample one of the cookies to make sure they were good enough to leave out for Santa. She loved getting everything ready, and I know next year will be even more fun!!

Christmas Eve Christmas...

We always do Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve. It works out nicely because we are not rushed on Christmas day to get everything in. Madalyn has been telling my mom and stepdad for about 4 months that she wants this certain baby. With the baby comes a backpack, pj's for the baby and Madalyn, a blanket, and extra clothes for the baby. Well, I missed the picture opportunity while helping Madalyn get through the roll of tape that my mom insist on using for a 2 year old. Madalyn opened one present and in the box was all the baby items, minus the baby. She looked at my mom and said, "Uh- where's me baby, Nana?". It was to funny!!!

We had a great Christmas with them and the kids enjoyed everything they got. We even managed to get a few family photos before everybody went home. I have been trying to avoid the camera, but it was Christmas and I wanted a family photo. Here I am at 26 weeks pregnant!!

Bakin' For Santa...

Madalyn got this cute reindeer apron from my dad and stepmom. Will as soon as she got it she had to start baking. She loves to help in the kitchen and this was just what she needed. We decided to make some Christmas cookies to start the Holiday season. Madalyn did a great job, but everytime I turned around she was taking a bite out of the cookies (yes, raw)! She is such a blessing!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trip to see Santa...

So it's that time of year again. We all have to take our children and torture them with Santa Claus. Madalyn was actually excited about going because we have been talking about it and that is where Flee (our Elf of the shelf) goes every night at bedtime.

So, we get there, first in line so she doesn't see any other children screaming, and she is fine until we put her on his lap. She froze and wasn't sure what to do, but she knew that after we saw Santa we were riding the train, and let me tell you that was her focus. She sat on his lap long enough for a few pictures and she was done.

She had a blast on the train, and didn't want to get off. I have to say that this years experience was better than last year. Last year we never even made it to Santa's line. We shall see what next year brings with 2 little ones.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Beautiful Family...

Here are the few pictures we managed to take at Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving was very hard for my family as it was the first Thanksgiving without Granny Cora (JP's mom, she passed away in Jan. 2011), Grandpa (passed away in Oct.2011, and my mom's best friend, Aunt Kathy (passed away in August 2011). We are so Thankful for the family that we were able to spend Thanksgiving with but we missed those that were not with us very much. We know Christmas will be hard as well, but I have peace knowing that we will be with them all again one day.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Me and my beautiful sister, Kari

Kari, Carli, and Jaci

Carli, Madalyn, and Jaci

Madalyn, Carli, mom, and Jaci

Carli, Jaci, and JP's dad- Poppie IC

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Farm and The Fair...

I have to apologize for the lack of my picture taken these days. I can never remember my camera until it is to late.

Since the weather has been cooler we are enjoying the beautiful days. We went to the farm last weekend and I managed to get a couple shots of Madalyn before she started chasing the cat and the rooster. I don't think she realizes that the rooster will chase back. Lucky for her that day has not come yet.

We went to the fair Monday night and had a great time. Madalyn was not interested in riding the rides, but she did like the games. We managed to play the duck game where everyone is a winner and came home with a stuffed dog, he is actually cute and washed well. :)

We watched the sea lion show and Madalyn just laughed and thought it was great. However, if you ask her if she liked the fair and the parade, which we went to, and I forgot my camera, she will quickly respond with "No, me not like fair" or "No, me not like the parade". She is very opinionated these days.

Baby catch-up---

We went for our 20 week appointment Friday, and he is still very much a boy!! I have got his bedding, a few gowns, and will be ordering his crib very soon. He is weighing in at 11 oz. and is very long. He wouldn't be still long enough to get that measurement.

Madalyn went with us to the doctor but she was not impressed and did not like the lady messing with me.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween...

This was the best Halloween. Madalyn had so much fun going from door to door and nothing scared her (imagine that). Her best friend Kennadie came to join us for a little while, but she wasn't as into as Madalyn and the other kids were.

Madalyn has been saying for months that she wants to be "Jess" (Jessie from Toy Story). She never changed her mind and has wanted to wear her costume daily.

She was so cute!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Good and The Bad...

On October 18th, we lost a wonderful man. My grandpa helped mold me into the woman that I am today. I still can't believe he is gone and I know that he will always be in my heart. I have great memories from my childhood that will never be replaced.

About 2 weeks ago I talked with my grandpa and he said he had a dream that the baby was a boy. I told him he was wrong, I just knew that we would have another girl. On Tuesday, October 18th, I had a doctors appointment. I told Dr. Farmer that my grandfather was not doing well and would love the possibility of telling him what we were having. Without hesitation Dr. Farmer did an ultrasound. I called my mom at 5:15 pm, she put me on speakerphone so that I could tell my grandpa what the baby was. My grandpa had been pretty unresponsive all day, he hadn't really opened his eyes but knew what was going on. My mom said that when he heard my voice he opened his eyes just a little. I continued to talk to him and as I was telling him that he was right and that he would finally have a great grandson, he opened his eyes as wide as he could! That just melts my heart everytime I think about it. The thing is I know he was saying "I told ya so!"

I love my grandpa very much and I miss him so much, but I have peace knowing that I will see him again.

And yes that's right we are having a BOY!!!! Now the name game has began!!!

Me and grandpa (April 2011)

Our little man!!!


Madalyn finally got in for her 2 year checkup with Dr. Adams. We went on Tuesday and Dr. Adams said Madalyn is perfect.

Her two year stats are: 24 lbs, 34 inches long. She is potty trained, knows most of her alphabet in random order, talks non-stop, knows most of her colors (but we get red and orange mixed up sometimes), and she can count to ten (when she wants to). That pretty much catches us up with little miss.

This is one of her pictures that Erica Hartzog did for her 2 year pictures. She does awesome work if anybody needs pictures done.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Look Who Turned 2...

We just celebrated Madalyn's 2nd birthday! I can't believe she is 2 already, time flies!!! Madalyn had two parties since we couldn't get everyone together for just one. Madalyn had a blast. She acted real shy when everyone was singing happy birthday, she even but her head down to give the full effect. She got a lot of great stuff that she can play with for years to come. She loves her Jeep and John Deere Tricycle, but all of her presents were a hit. She has played with everything!!!