Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy 3 months...

Where has the time gone...I can't believe our little man is 3 months old today.  He is such a sweet and happy baby.  He loves his big sister and thinks she is so funny.  He likes it best when she holds him and then she just rolls him off when she is done.  He just laughs and wants more. 

We have had a rough go this last month.  We went from eating 6 oz. every 4 hours, to maybe 3 oz. every 4 hours and that was a battle.  He would just scream when you tried to feed him.  What we did feed him came back up within a few hours.  He was throwing up everything he was taking in.  After many many trips to the doctor, we are back on track.  They did an ultrasound 2 weeks ago to make sure Brady didn't have pyloric stenosis.  Thank God his ultrasound was normal. They only way to fix that is surgery, and I couldn't imagine him having surgery this little.  After the ultrasound came back fine we (parents and Doctors) decided to change his reflux medicine from Zantac to Prevacid.  We also tried 4 different kinds of formula and I think we have found a winner.  He is on Prevacid once a day and is taking Simialc Sensitive, Lactose Sensitivity.  He is back up to 6 oz. every 4-5 hours, and has just got his first bowl of cereal.   He LOVED it!!!  He is doing so good with the spoon and I can't feed him fast enough. 

Brady 3 month Stats:                   Madalyn's 3 month Stats:
                       Weight: 12 lbs. 9 oz.                    Weight: 11 lbs. 12 oz.                      
Height: 24 1/2 in.                             Height: 24 in.

There isn't that much difference in their growth pattern.

We got some pictures of our happy baby and Madalyn didn't want me to forget that she is 2!  Woody also got to celebrate his birthday, as you can see in the last picture! :)

Trip to the Zoo...

We took our first trip to the zoo.  Madalyn loved it!  All she really wanted to see was the lions like on Lion King...she wasn't very happy when their was only one female lion at the zoo that day.  She got to feed the Giraffe, she wasn't real sure about that, especially when he got right next to her.  Brady was a champ.  It was a great day with the family, despite the warm weather.