Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Farm and The Fair...

I have to apologize for the lack of my picture taken these days. I can never remember my camera until it is to late.

Since the weather has been cooler we are enjoying the beautiful days. We went to the farm last weekend and I managed to get a couple shots of Madalyn before she started chasing the cat and the rooster. I don't think she realizes that the rooster will chase back. Lucky for her that day has not come yet.

We went to the fair Monday night and had a great time. Madalyn was not interested in riding the rides, but she did like the games. We managed to play the duck game where everyone is a winner and came home with a stuffed dog, he is actually cute and washed well. :)

We watched the sea lion show and Madalyn just laughed and thought it was great. However, if you ask her if she liked the fair and the parade, which we went to, and I forgot my camera, she will quickly respond with "No, me not like fair" or "No, me not like the parade". She is very opinionated these days.

Baby catch-up---

We went for our 20 week appointment Friday, and he is still very much a boy!! I have got his bedding, a few gowns, and will be ordering his crib very soon. He is weighing in at 11 oz. and is very long. He wouldn't be still long enough to get that measurement.

Madalyn went with us to the doctor but she was not impressed and did not like the lady messing with me.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween...

This was the best Halloween. Madalyn had so much fun going from door to door and nothing scared her (imagine that). Her best friend Kennadie came to join us for a little while, but she wasn't as into as Madalyn and the other kids were.

Madalyn has been saying for months that she wants to be "Jess" (Jessie from Toy Story). She never changed her mind and has wanted to wear her costume daily.

She was so cute!!!