Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Good and The Bad...

On October 18th, we lost a wonderful man. My grandpa helped mold me into the woman that I am today. I still can't believe he is gone and I know that he will always be in my heart. I have great memories from my childhood that will never be replaced.

About 2 weeks ago I talked with my grandpa and he said he had a dream that the baby was a boy. I told him he was wrong, I just knew that we would have another girl. On Tuesday, October 18th, I had a doctors appointment. I told Dr. Farmer that my grandfather was not doing well and would love the possibility of telling him what we were having. Without hesitation Dr. Farmer did an ultrasound. I called my mom at 5:15 pm, she put me on speakerphone so that I could tell my grandpa what the baby was. My grandpa had been pretty unresponsive all day, he hadn't really opened his eyes but knew what was going on. My mom said that when he heard my voice he opened his eyes just a little. I continued to talk to him and as I was telling him that he was right and that he would finally have a great grandson, he opened his eyes as wide as he could! That just melts my heart everytime I think about it. The thing is I know he was saying "I told ya so!"

I love my grandpa very much and I miss him so much, but I have peace knowing that I will see him again.

And yes that's right we are having a BOY!!!! Now the name game has began!!!

Me and grandpa (April 2011)

Our little man!!!


Madalyn finally got in for her 2 year checkup with Dr. Adams. We went on Tuesday and Dr. Adams said Madalyn is perfect.

Her two year stats are: 24 lbs, 34 inches long. She is potty trained, knows most of her alphabet in random order, talks non-stop, knows most of her colors (but we get red and orange mixed up sometimes), and she can count to ten (when she wants to). That pretty much catches us up with little miss.

This is one of her pictures that Erica Hartzog did for her 2 year pictures. She does awesome work if anybody needs pictures done.