Saturday, October 6, 2012

Little Man is not so Little anymore...

Brady is 6 months old...OMG!!!  He is so funny.  He is the happiest, sweetest baby! Madalyn was too, but Brady smiles all day long.  Even when he doesn't feel good he is going to smile.  Madalyn had to join in on Brady's 6 month photo shoot and be a 1 month old superstar!!!  Brady's hair is always out of control.  It will not lay down, doesn't matter what you do to it.

Brady went for his 6 mont check up and he weighed in at...

17 lbs 5 oz. 28 inches long.

He will be bigger than his sister in no time :)...she better watch out!!!

My Baby Girl is 3...

I can't believe Madalyn is 3 years old...where has the time gone.  She is the happiest, sweetest, little girl  I know, most of the time.  I am so thankful that God chose Brad and I to be her parents.

Madalyn celebrated her birthday with 3 parties.  She had one on the Saturday before with Brad's mom and dad and a few other family members.  My in-laws were taking a much needed vacation and wouldn't be here for Madalyn's other party.  She didn't mind getting presents and cake on 3 different days :).  On Wednesday, her actual birthday.  Brad and I got her a small cake and gave her her presents from us.  My mom, stepdad, and granny came over too.  On Saturday she had a party with all her friends.  She had a great turn out and the kids had a blast.

We just want to thank everybody for celebrating with us.

Madalyn went for her check-up and she weighed in at....drum roll please!!!

29 lbs 38 inches tall!!!

We are so excited that she is finally gaining some weight!!!!