Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Celebration...

Easter is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate.  I explained to Madalyn the meaning of Easter and she informed me she already knew that Jesus rose from the dead.  She said that was okay because He is with God in Heaven.  She is the sweetest thing!! Melted my heart. 

The kids loved their Easter baskets and got right into everything.  Brady loved pulling everything out, he got to be a pro opening his birthday presents.  We hurried through our morning to make it to the 8:00 service at Church and it was fabulous!!  After Church we headed to my moms for lunch.  We even took a little time for a photo shoot...the guys were so excited :).

We headed over to Brad's cousins for supper and a little bit more fun outside.  Madalyn and Charlie loved hunting the eggs.  Sandy had to hide them about eight times.  It was such a beautiful day that we stayed outside as long as we could. 

Happy Easter to All!!!

                                         All of the sweet kiddos
                                  My beautiful mom and sister...I love these ladies so much!!

                                        My niece is growing up so quick...she is beautiful!
                                        My granny with the greats and the grands

                     This is Madalyn's face for pictures when she is done and ready to change clothes...she loves her poppy but had enough with the pictures.