Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy...

We celebrated Brad's birthday this weekend.  As you can see Madalyn got to pick out his birthday cake, she just knew that he wanted Buzz and Woody.  Madalyn enjoyed the cake to the fullest.  Brady got to sample a little but not to much.

Growing way to fast...

I can't believe Brady is 5 months old.  He is growing way to fast, I don't remember Madalyn growing this fast.  Brady is doing a lot, he is sitting up for 5-10 minutes by himself, then he tumbles over.  He can get to anything he wants, remote controls, toys, his sister's hair.  He talks all the time and gets really loud.  He wants to make sure we are listening.  He is starting to stay on his stomach more because he has figured out how to get around a little better.  He is sleeping better a night and will occasionally sleep through the night.  He only gets up once when he does wake up so I am not complaining. 

He weighs 16 lbs!!!  He loves to eat.  He gets cereal and fruit for breakfast, veggie and fruit at lunch, and then a veggie/ meat and fruit at supper.  He isn't taking much milk these days but I know he is getting what he needs.  He loves his cup with juice too!!

Here is a day at the Buchanan house.  Brady trying to get anything he can from his sister.  Madalyn is not much on sharing her toys.  Here Brady is trying to get Madalyn's milk.  She put up a fight for a little bit but then gave in.